The premium, plant based oils in the balm absorb quickly and soften your coarse man hair. Unlike other balms, we stay away from slow absorbing oils - such as coconut oil - that make your face seem like it was slathered with a pepperoni pizza (as delightful as that sounds).


Instead of hundreds of fuzzy hairs all wandering around on their own, the butters and beeswax help train the wild frivolity that is a man's beard into a formidable army of manliness.


Our balm attacks the things that cause itch such as dryness so you don't have to scratch like a flea ridden stray dog.

5 Steps to a Mythical Beard

First, Wash Yourself

1. Take A Hot Shower

The hot water and steam will open up your pores and will prepare your hair and hide for optimum balm absorption.

Second, Scoop Out Our Magic Sauce

2. Scoop Out the Balm Using Your Stubby Finger

Third, Melt the Balm Between Your Manly Hands

3. Melt The Balm Between Your Hairy Paws

Our balm has a melting point that is close to your body temperature so that it melts quickly and easily between your grubby paws. After it's melted, it's ready to apply to your hairy hide.

Fourth, Rub Beard Balm Into Your Handsome Beard

4. Rub Balm Into Your Beard

Our beard balm makes coarse, stiff hair softer. Our balm is made out of fast absorbing oils that don't make your beard too greasy.

Fifth, Be Legendary!

5. Go Be Legendary!

Bush Pilot Beard Balm provides your hair with essential vitamins and hydrates it so it's naturally glossy and shiny. This makes it reflect moonlight more efficiently so you look super intimidating.

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