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My name is Josh. I’m the creator, mastermind, graphic designer, user, and ambassador of Bush Pilot Beard Balm but don’t hold that against me. I’m just trying to help my fellow bearded men.

I started with the recipe that my girlfriend (at that time) had used in an attempt to make me some beard balm as a gift. I appreciated the effort so much I later offered the beautiful girl an engagement ring. I wasn’t so happy with the balm, however, and like most men do, I decided to fix something. This effort to fix something actually resulted in something being fixed – much to my surprise! I was a serial entrepreneur and so I began the testing phase of Bush Pilot Beard Balm by offering free tins of experimental balm to my bearded friends. After much tinkering with the recipe, research on Google about absorption rates, website building, and local tax laws, I was happy with my product. I think you’ll love it too! Ditch the beard itch and soften the bristle ’round your whistle with Bush Pilot Beard Balm.

My greatest achievement, however, is being married to my wife, Janice, and raising a beautiful daughter named Adilene. I’m still not sure why my wife said yes but I suspect it had something to do with my beard…

My family is currently on the adventure of a lifetime. My wife and I are both Christians and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. We found these teachings to answer the most important, foundational questions in life such as why are we here? Where are we going? What’s our purpose? This brings us joy, hope, peace, and freedom. It has changed our lives. We feel a need to share our way of life with others because we sincerely believe that Jesus is the answer for the world today.

With that in mind, we felt God’s leading into mission aviation through MMS Aviation’s Pilot/Mechanic Apprenticeship program. MMS Aviation helps prepare people and planes for world wide missionary service. It’s a program that brings apprentices alongside of highly skilled and experienced staff members as they work free of charge on actual missionary aircraft from worldwide mission organizations. This has saved mission aviation organizations over 1 million dollars in 2016 alone. MMS Aviation has a real heart for stewardship of God’s resources. All the staff at MMS are considered missionaries, down to the secretary, and live on 100% faith support from monthly donors. This allows them to keep a low administrative cost. They are also ECFA certified in an effort to maintain financial responsibility.

We will move to Coshocton, Ohio and will live in the local community. I’ll go to work at the hangar from 7:30 – 4 everyday getting hands on training while completing my FAA A&P schoolwork in the evenings. This phase of the program will take about 2.5 years to complete. After I have my A&P certification (and about 4,800 hours of hands on maintenance experience) my family and I will move to Burlington, North Carolina where we’ll begin our flight training with MAG (Missionary Air Group). This training will take about 2 years to complete. After this process we’ll be qualified to serve as lifelong missionaries with an aviation mission organization.

Before we can do this, however, we need to raise 100% of our financial support and that’s the phase we are in now.

Want to help?

Give us a chance to speak out your church or small group. Also, follow our blog and join our journey at Snaderflyby.com

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