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Hello fellow beard advocate...

Lately beards have risen in popularity and this may make some bearded men angry, agitated, or otherwise annoyed at society since bearded men enjoy bucking the curve. Others have hopped on the hipster bearded bandwagon and are hijacking the rugged individualist look as a way to join a mass movement (and therefore robbing the movement of it's rugged individualist attitude). Either way, we are glad you are on website shopping for beard balm since ultimately we want your money to end up in our pockets! We believe the best way to do this is by providing really super good, superior balm that makes you forsake all the others on the market (and there are a lot of them). We believe if you use our beard balm for just 1 week, you will see the difference. Then, we intend to hook you on our product by continually giving you great value and a sharp beard (*whistles).

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