Australian Tap Dance (Lemon, Eucalyptus, & Pine) | Bush Pilot Beard Balm for Sale


No-one dances harder than a man trying to out maneuver poisonous snakes on hot sand.

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This happy, refreshing, citrus scented beard balm helps ditch the beard itch! This scent is sourced from 100% essential oils and is crafted into our all natural recipe. We make our magic sauce from all natural butters, oils, and Amish made beeswax proportioned perfectly to you give a beard balm that melts easily yet gives you a good hold without being terribly greasy. We heat up our balm slowly and carefully to ensure the nutrients found naturally in our ingredients are not damaged. Then we mix the balm thoroughly and quick cool it for a consistent texture. We store it chilled so it’s super fresh when we ship it out! People love our beard balm and we’re confident you will too. Ditch the beard itch and soften the bristle ’round your whistle!



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