Coconut Juice (Pina Colada) Scented | Bush Pilot Beard Balm


Smells like happy hour without the hangover! Apply generously, then garnish your beard with a little umbrella.


This Coconut Juice scented beard balm is just the thing to make your beard soft and pliable. Cuddly, like a Sasquatch is cuddly. Make those man hairs shine with our natural blend of butters, oils, and waxes. Our balm is slightly stiff so you can keep your &$%# together. Keep that mane tamed, man. You don’t want it attacking anyone. After all, with a great beard comes great responsibility. We’ll help you out. Ditch beard itch and get rid of that homeless vibe by utilizing our magic beard sauce. Our proprietary recipe melts easily between your hands yet is stiff enough to help make your face hair stand attention. Our moisturizing oils are light enough not to clog your pores yet masculine enough to moisture Death Valley. Grab a tin today!


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Medium (Stiffer than some but definitely softer than hair gel)

Scenting Method

Fragrance Oils


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